The website has now been updated again, and I’ve merged most of the old blog posts back into the website as well. Hopefully it will not crash again.

So far 2020 has only included two concerts due to the COVID-crisis. North Star was premiered in a concert which included Laconisme de l’aile by Saariaho played by Trine Knutsen at Dokkhuset in Trondheim. A video recording of the concert should be released soon.

Quasar was also finally premiered as the opening concert for the arts festival Meta.Morf in early March, the week before everything closed down. The venue was luckily filled and the concert well very well. Video and audio recording extracts will most probably be available soon.

The next concerts for 2020 will be the premiere of Degrade Me, written for the Swedish Dasein ensemble, as well as a concert with piano pieces played by Jon Kristian Bye. Both are supposed to be in the Autumn but the current dates are not exact due to restrictions on concerts.