I have extensively with electronics both in his own compositions, as a producer and for other composers. I’ve studied at Musiques & recherches in Belgium, IRCAM in France and NTNU in Norway to learn electronics. I have worked with composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Nicolas Tzortzis, Nils Henrik Åsheim, Natasha Barrett, etc for performance and/or programming.


My view on electronics in contemporary music is that they should be as flexible as possible, and not burden the performers. With today’s technology and processing power in smaller devices, we are free to do basically whatever we want. I find it’s important to have electronics and synchronization strategies that serve the music, not the other way around. I tend to see this as a type of ecosystem. As part of my Ph.D I have spent the last 4 years working and thinking about how to synchronize musicians and electronics in a variety of different settings. This can be video and tape or completely flexible and open use of score following, etc.

Take contact if you need a new port of your electronics, need something fixed, want to collaborate on a project, or if you need someone to create the electronics for your current composition from scratch.

These are some of the externals, programs, etc which I’ve used a lot over the years: