I have many years of experience working with electronics in various settings. I have performed many pieces with various performers. My PhD was about electronics in mixed music and thus I’ve spent years thinking about various ways to implement electronics in effective and practical manners. I can create custom software if needed, or even Max patches or Ableton Live set-ups. Synchronization and how it fits various compositional needs is something I consider to be of primordial importance for electronics in contemporary music.

I have extensive experience as a RIM and understand the performance needs of musicians with electronics. Therefore I’m offering my services to do programming but also performance. I can help create new custom software, fix issues or port older pieces.

I have performed the electronic parts of composers such as: Kaija Saariaho, Alexander Schubert, Jonathan Harvey, Natasha Diels, Fausto Romitelli, Olga Neuwirth, Nicolas Tzortzis, etc.

Here is a selection of some of the software and extensions I use: