Composer / producer
Sound Programmer

Here you may find information about some of my latest projects and compositions. Sheet music can be purchased from Norway’s National Library.

Please browse at your leisure using the links at the top right of this page and reach out to me should you have any thoughts, questions or want a commission/collaboration. I will try to keep the website updated, but most of my time is spent on my research or new commissions.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering of a new album by SiTron with Rolf Gupta
  • Territories of the Mind & Modernism scenic work with the artist Oscar Debs, commissioned by NyMusikk Komponistgruppe
  • Premiere of a commission for Marianne Baudouin Lie og Espen Aalberg
  • Commission for Cikada which will eventually be toured
  • An electroacoustic piece for Wavefield synthesis system commissioned by NyMusikk Komponistgruppe
  • Working on music for Chapman stick & Warr guitar
  • Various concerts with Electric Audio Unit & Solo
  • Two upcoming publications
  • Updating this website
With composer Jaime Reis, 2019
At TEKS for a meeting on electroacoustic music in Norway


Trondheim Sinfonietta


Amund Ulvestad