I have worked extensively with electronics, both in my own compositions as a producer and for other composers. If you need any services within the world of electronics for contemporary music, please contact me.

My work has also embraced several new technologies such as the possibility of score-following by using Antescofo, and many other real-time processes. The reason for offering help for electronics is that I have often observed a breach of communication between programming people, musicians and composers. With my background in music technology and having worked in all of those roles, I feel that I fully understand the needs and realities of all three roles.

When offering services to other composers and performers, please note that these are the main programs that I myself use for making my electronics:

  • MaxMSP
  • Csound
  • Pure Data
  • SPAT
  • Antescofo
  • Reaktor
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Omax
  • Jamoma
  • MuBu
  • and several others…

Some of my own applications and discussions on programming electronics can be seen by visiting my blog section.