Threnody (2018)

“Threnody” is a piece for bass orchestra and electronics. The piece was originally conceived for 5-6 basses, but any combination above 3 can work. The voices are separated into three different groups with the middle voice being “solistic” in a larger sense of the word. This piece was inspired by several talks I have had with the great contrabass player Michael Duch (his website is here). He is a versatile player and composer with many original ideas. This piece was thought of as wanting to expand how I have thought of and used the contrabass before now. The piece features a more developed use of extended techniques than in many of my other pieces, while having perhaps less thematic development. To me, the piece is closer to my love of ambient and experimental music. I have also used this piece to explore the different ways to synchronize slightly more difficult pitched sounds between performers and electronics. In a workshop with some of Duch’s students in early 2018 it was clear that my traditional score following probably would not be the best method to synchronize this piece, and had therefore to think about other possibilities. As the title suggests, it is a type of mourning song for our world.


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