North Star (2018)

Whitfield (1822-1871). Like many other African-American intellectuals of his time period, they have been forgotten in the annals of history.
However, the lessons that these poets and intellectuals teach us are still relevant to this day. Although they were writing in the context of
19th century America and the Civil War, many of the themes ring true to this day in different forms. Even though laws can forbid slavery,
African-Americans know that it does not mean equality (see for example the Jim Crow Laws) as there is still a large gap of inequality today.
In the rest of the world, we might not have the same context but these themes are still as relevant back then as they are today. The migrants
from warzones such as Syria and Eritrea could closely relate to this type of poetry. All immigrants or minorities that that have felt a form of
discrimination can also understand. The working poor families that cannot do anything to better their situation as well. Therefore, this
composition is dedicated to these groups and many more. To all people, of all faiths that have felt discrimination. We all need a North Star
that can give us faith for a better future. The piece is also dedicated to all the nameless souls that have fought for our civil rights and liberties
in all cultures.

The piece uses electronics which are done in real-time. Unlike the older tape pieces, this piece uses a real-time score follower which gives
the performer much more freedom, and the electronics much more flexibility. This permits the performer to put his/her own personality in
the piece much more, as well as allowing the piece to be vastly different from evening to evening. The electronics also use information
directly from the musician to adapt certain aspects of the sound.

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