Module_01 is an algorithmic composition. It was originally written as a test for Antescofo and how it could handle a large amount of variables in real-time. The program takes in information from what the musician is playing, pitch, rythm as well as other acoustic parameters (by using Øyvind Brandtsegg’s analyser plug-in). By looking at how the musician is playing, the computer is able to “improvise” on a limited chord progression. The piece is written to be completely open as well as more timbral than anything else. Several effects are also affected by how the musician is playing. In many ways this piece was inspired by the ideas of Brian Eno, and his view of the studio as a compositional tool.


The first version of the piece used samples, but it is currently being migrated to use the SWAM physical modelling instruments. This permits the piece to flow a bit more intuitively, be smaller in size as well as give additional real-time parameters which are not possible with the use of samples.


Recordings coming soon