In Sleep (2015)

“In Sleep” is a piece for solo acoustic piano and based on the use of two hexachords to use all twelve tones in the chromatic scale. In this case, the two hexachords are based on the two whole-tone scales which are often quickly changed through the composition. In many ways, as I was writing the compositions I was writing it for specific effects which can’t necessarily be only done acoustically. The writing is meant to invoke the idea of sleep, and even though there are several quick figures they are meant to be recorded a bit more distant than normally (although still inside the piano lid) to have a specific foggy sound which can’t be replicated by only using a dense reverb. Also, although some of the intervals played (such as in the A section) are quite dissonant, they are meant to be played in a smooth way which softens the tone. Both being perfect examples of thinking in “sound” instead of just “notes”.

Recorded with Maren Barlien at the piano at NTNU in the Spring of 2016. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Mathieu Lacroix.


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