Entre les nephilim et les gargouilles for solo piano (2015)

A solo piano composition I have written while studying under Ståle Kleiberg. The composition is based on the concept of having a small kernel that is then developed into something that becomes longer over time. In many ways the piece is quite similar to Brian Eno’s idea of ambient music and Erik Satie’s furniture music. However, unlike their music there is a strong rhythmical ostinato in the bass which is to be played loudly so that it sounds as if someone else is playing it, in many ways a dialogue between the mythic nephilim and gargoyles. 

The way the piece is written is intrinsically related to how it would be produced sound-wise. In this case for example, the extra reverb on the Cs is something that would never be done in conventional classical music recordings as it would not be “truthful” to how it would sound in a concert room. However, it helps show the poetry of the piece and helps the counterpoint between what is happening in the upper frequencies with that in the lower frequencies (in effect, the nephilim and the gargoyles).

Recorded with Maren Barlien at the piano at NTNU in the Spring of 2016. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Mathieu Lacroix.


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