Quasar is meant to be a 20 minute piece for sinfonietta (12 musicians) and electronics. The piece is inspired by having read quite a bit of science fiction and cosmology

I finished the piece about 3 weeks ago now, and had to put it away for a little while to reflect more on it. As I was putting the finishing

Last week I had a few hours with a good friend and colleague, Hilmar Thordarson. It’s often incredibly positive to have another composer one can use to bounce ideas off,

Work continues on the new duo… The A1 section is now more fleshed out than it was, but I still am unsatisfied with how the material develops as it doesn’t

Life in the Anthropocene composition diary #1 In December when I got my acceptance letter for Mixtur, I already started slowly – but surely! – planning the composition. A title

It’s been a long time since the last update, although not because of laziness. The premier has been pushed back to the 23rd of March in Trondheim, Norway. The piece

The last few days have been rather busy with other projects than this composition, but it has always been at the back of my mind. I can hear the piece

After reading many different methodologies about practice-based research, I have concluded that it could be useful to start recording my compositional process while writing pieces that are relevant to my

I was recently starting to plan a new composition when I came upon the idea of using bird flocking mechanics to determine the harmony of a piece. I had just