Slight update

In the coming weeks I will be publishing a slew of older compositions for which the scores have just needed to be touched up. They will once again be published by NB Noter. Electronics will be available through this website with updated versions by taking contact with me. Hopefully this will mean more performances as well. This website is also being slowly updated with some of my new pieces from 2018.


I am currently writing several pieces which can hopefully be performed and recorded in early 2019. In November I will be giving a talk titled “Exploring Different Synchronization Methods & Their Performative and Aesthetic Consequences” at the International Conference for Mixed Music Pedagogy. My talk given in Florence, Italy last june will soon also be published on the EMS website. On a more local level, I will be giving two talks here in Norway in October.


Another composition diary for Anomie is coming soon. I have worked on the piece, but haven’t written much about it yet. I will also start posting about some of the other pieces, as well as a few other pieces I will be helping to perform such as Vent nocturne by Kaija Saariaho.