Two published scores


Last week I got the confirmation of the publishing of two of my scores by NB Noter. You can buy the scores and many other scores from contemporary composers here.

More scores are to be published as soon as I finish updating the electronics for them.

Research Tools

A special type of amplitude modulation combined with the Leslie effect

This is an effect I wanted to try out for a composition that I am currently working on. A sample is recorded from whatever source you choose. This sample is then looped and has some AM applied to it. At the same time, it also spins around recreating a Leslie cabinet effect. The frequency of the AM can result in interesting effects. Under 10 Hz you have a type of spinning tremolo, while over 10 Hz you get your original signals with added sidebands. The code also includes the possibility to make the loop from one position to another.


This is a basic set-up which I have since modified to include in specific situations but I thought it might be useful for some people.

The code as always is done in Antescofo but shouldn’t be too hard to port to another language. I have included a MaxPatch as well for the sake of completion, but it requires both the Antescofo and SPAT externals from IRCAM to function. However, you could replace SPAT by any spatialization external you wish to use.

Code is here

MaxPatch is here

Research Tools

A tool to calculate and see Nørgård’s infinity series

Per Nørgård is a Danish composer with an interesting catalogue. Part of his compositional style is defined by what he called the infinity series, which is an integer sequence that he used on intervals, rhythms, etc.

Here is the code for its implementation in Antescofo within MaxMSP. The code is rather simple and could probably be optimized. I’ve created two different “modes”, or methods to use the integer sequence. One of the things I have added though is an implementation that uses the Bach external (check it out) which lets us visualize it better than with the default Max objects.

Another added element is the possibility to distort the series by a specific factor which creates interesting melodies.

With a few changes to the code it would be easy to adopt it to any other programming language as well as use it in many different ways. If you find any bugs just comment on here and I’ll try to fix them.

Download the patch here: infinity_V1