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Mathieu has a master’s degree in music technology, which includes production and mastering studies, as well as years of experience in the field. He has worked with recordings from classical music to rock. His experience varies from having assisted Norway’s broadcasting corporation’s tonmeister recording the Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, to recording small chamber ensembles for the chamber music festival of Norway and other musicians. He has also worked as a live sound technician for jazz bands and metal bands.

Mathieu is currently available for recording, mixing and mastering music. Please send him an e-mail for more information and prices that will suit your needs and your budget.

Clients have included:

Marita Rørstad, Manes, Duncan Patterson, Trondheim Guttekor, Soul Dissolution, Monica Trio, Maren Barlien, Ellen Lindquist and many others

Along with…



Mathieu has worked extensively with electronics, both in his own compositions as a producer and for other composers. If you need any services within the world of electronics for contemporary music, please contact him.

Hi work has also embraced several new technologies such as the possibility of score-following by using Antescofo, and many other real-time processes. The reason for offering help for electronics is that Mathieu has often observed a breach of communication between programming people, musicians and composers. With his background in music technology and having worked in all of those roles, he feels confident in understanding the needs and realities of all three roles.

Some of his own applications and discussions on programming electronics can be seen by visiting the blog section.

When offering services to other composers and performers, please note that these are the main programs that Mathieu uses for making electronics:

  • MaxMSP
  • Csound
  • Pure Data
  • SPAT
  • Antescofo
  • Reaktor
  • Javascript
  • Omax
  • Jamoma
  • Python
  • MuBu
  • And several others…